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They’re not the leaders of tomorrow, today’s leaders (850 x 1080 px)

02 Mar: How Shared Experience Transformed My Understanding of Mental Health Care

Mental wellbeing is important for everyone, no matter what community they’re part of. It’s healthy and normal to seek mental health help when we need to, just like we would for a physical ailment.

If you’re curious about: getting mental health care or what it’s like having a South Asian psychologist, or having conversations about mental health with friends, checkout this blog.


27 Dec: How I Learned to Love My Skin

Maneet shares her journey overcoming her skin-related self-esteem issues. ​Her story is one that many South Asian women will be familiar with: experiencing societal obsession that attempts to control women’s appearances and enforce impossible beauty standards. Maneet shares the lessons she’s learned about herself, her skin and her healing journey.

They’re not the leaders of tomorrow, today’s leaders (850 x 1080 px) (1)

06 Dec: 11 Australian Women of Colour Owned Businesses We Love

Despite the pandemic making the last two years a difficult time for everyone, the bright parts of these times for me was discovering epic small businesses while scrolling through Instagram reels or Tik Tok. It turns out procrastinating from university assignments is a productive use of your time when you have to organise goodie bags filled with amazing creations from BIPOC women-led business for ASAC’s launch event. Here’s a list of 11 values-aligned businesses owned by Women of Colour that we loved having as our sponsors for our event.