To be a powerful network of South Asian women determined to make a difference through entrepreneurship, creativity and leadership.


A deeply connected and thriving community of South Asian women who lead with purpose.


We’re ambitious, resourceful and action oriented. We get things done and we do it with radical transparency, love and have a whole heap of fun while we’re at it.

Our Story

Australia’s multicultural programming is far behind compared to the United Kingdom, USA and India. Over the last few years we’ve connected with phenomenal South Asian women in these countries who have created safe spaces for migrant and diverse women. It has been amazing to witness from afar – founders of Brown Girl Magazine, South Asian Heritage Month, Asian Woman Festival, Brown Girl Therapy and the Juggernaut – just to name a few.

Connecting with some of these community leaders made us realise how far behind Australia really is. You see, here much of our multicultural programming is delivered by those with no experience of the barriers our community face. 

What we’ve learned is that Australia’s multiculturalism is like a bad branding piece where there is a significant disconnect between what our senior leaders think is happening and what those in our communities actually experience. We rarely speak up because as ‘good immigrants’ who should be ‘fortunate’ Australia ever let us in, we aren’t empowered to use our voice to claim the respect we see our non-BIPOC counterparts receive. 

Combine that with our parents’ generation who put their head down and worked so hard. With their degrees in engineering and teaching, our parents like so many other educated Indian migrants came to Australia and ended up in jobs unrelated to their field because their qualifications weren’t recognised. They did that to make a living for us children so we can now claim what they deserved too – to live here and thrive, not just survive.

Our Co-founders, Daizy and Sehar came together to empower young South Asian women in Australia to become impact-driven leaders, creatives and entrepreneurs. A community of women who support one another while, we, as an organisation leverage high-impact partnerships to create an environment where South Asian women can thrive. What we’ve learned is that there are a lot of problems in our community and we must take an intersectional approach, to focus on leadership alone without recognising the domestic violence pandemic in our community will never give us results. To focus on entrepreneurship alone without realising international students are being exploited by ‘entrepreneurs’ will not achieve results. We must take a nuanced approach and recognise the varying barriers that come in the way of our collective progress. 

We want South Asian women in Australia to know that they’re not alone in their struggles. We’re here for you. For support. To listen. To advocate and raise our collective voice. To provide opportunities to boost your career. To provide a platform for youto share their stories. To help you connect with other like minded women. This is what ASAC is all about. 

Collaborate With Us

We’d love to hear from you! We welcome all types of collaborations and partnership opportunities. Whether you’re a founder, creative, social enterprise, not for profit, small business or organisation, feel free to reach out. Send us an email with detailed information on the collaboration at helloasac@gmail.com 

Support Us

We’re a team of 9 dedicated volunteers – all South Asian women who are driven by our desire to empower our community. We’ve been working tirelessly to create a dedicated community of South Asian women, to foster connections and to curate opportunities that are reflective of our needs. By supporting us through membership, events, sponsorships and donations you allow us to create opportunities that are meaningful, inspirational and impact-driven. If you’d like to be a corporate sponsor or donate to ASAC send reach out to us at helloasac@gmail.com 

Our Team

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Daizy Maan - Co-founder
Daizy is passionate about youth leadership, startups and empowering South Asian women. She was a delegate for the Australia India Youth Dialogue, currently leads the start-up program at Deakin University – SPARK Deakin and has served as the youngest Director for Australia’s largest Community Bank network (NSX:CSH) from 21 -26. In 2020 she was listed on Asian Woman Festival’s Power List amongst women across the world making a difference. She’s Punjabi Australian and based in Melbourne, Australia.
Sehar Photo
Sehar Gupta - Co-founder & Program Manager
Sehar Gupta is passionate about women's rights and youth leadership she has served as the Cambodia Programs Director at Oaktree. She has a Masters in Development Studies from the University of Melbourne and volunteers with Bold Punjab. She's committed to volunteering, women's empowerment and diversity. In her spare time she enjoys watching true crime. 
Anika (1)
Anika Baheti - Book Club Associate
Anika is a third-year Arts/Law student passionate about women being able to exist in peace. Despite drowning in course readings, she reads even more in her spare time and is an advocate for empowerment through literature and volunteers as our Book Club Lead. Anika believes that in order to understand how the world works and what you can do to uplift oppressed voices you need to read and learn their perspective. 
Priyanka Kaur, Founder of Mahala.
Priyanka Kaur - Community Lead
Priyanka has been an artist for over 5 years and founded her small business ‘Art by Priyanka'. She has been an artist in residence in Soul House and actively supports other artists through facilitating events and gatherings. She is the founder of the social enterprise Mahala which support South Asian women owned small businesses in Australia. Her art work has been selected by the local council to be part of the Shaping Yarra Ranges Project (2021). 
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Dishi Gahlowt - Content Writer
Dishi is currently working as a campaigns cosultant and is passionate about amplifying WOC voices in media and politics. Originally hailing from New Delhi, she moved to Australia to study in 2019 and is vocal about the struggles faced by international students in the country. She is volunteering with ASAC as a content writer. In her free time, she likes to watch Netflix, read books, and enjoy her occasional KPOP dance lessons. 
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Erika Menezes - Content Editor
Erika is a freelance writer helping socially conscious small businesses to improve engagement by creating meaningful content and boosting SEO. She currently volunteers with ASAC as a Content Specialist where she creates engaging and inspiring content on issues that matter. Erika has previously worked for global technology companies (Google, Red Hat), state and federal governments, and in higher education. Erika co-founded a humanitarian art initiative after attending a peace summit for community leaders at the UN’s Bangkok headquarters and undertaking the role of Humanitarian Affairs Asia Peace Ambassador.
Maneet Hora - Operations Associate
Maneet is a 2nd year nursing student and she aspires to work in countries with poor healthcare infrastructure  to improve the quality of healthcare they receive. Her advocacy journey started through her participation at UN Youth events and debating at school. Growing up in India she could always see and feel disparities in gender, income, health which inspired her to found her platform 'Humankind', a media platform and community that chooses to be human(e) and kind through open discussions. She is volunteering at ASAC as an Ops Associate and is inspired by the impact our small  grassroot team has made. 

Our Advisory Board

Ajay Bhatia
Ajay Bhatia
Ajay is Managing Director of one of Australia’s innovative unicorns (ASX:CAR). He is an alumnus of Harvard Business School, University of Technology Sydney and Executive Sponsor of Stanford Digital Cities Program. He will share his unique insights and most importantly join us in listening to what incredible young people are doing on the ground in India and how we can support grassroots initiatives.
Jane Den Hollander
Jane Den Hollander AO
Professor Jane Den Hollander served as the Vice-Chancellor of Deakin University Australia from 2010 - 2019. Jane is a strong believer in the power of education to change the lives of individuals and communities. She is determined to make university education an achievable, as well as desirable, goal. She actively supports new programs and pathways that remove barriers to higher education.