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Highlighting Australian South Asian Artists

Indian, Pakistani and other South Asian women are scarcely represented in the traditional Australian art scene.


The Australian South Asian Centre aims to support women by sharing and amplifying their art and artistic endeavours. Progress happens when we unite to support one another. Art spaces in Melbourne remain mostly inaccessible for South Asian women and other minorities.

ASAC has established a strong  presence to amplify the voices of the unheard South Asian creatives. Through this they are steering the growing Australian South Asian  community towards a positive direction of equality and empowerment; while showcasing the beauty of South Asian culture.


“We are incredibly proud of the former artist in residence at Australian South Asian Centre’s Soul House-  Priyanka Kaur and Avneet Singh for producing a series of works depicting South Asian women and thrilled with the recent sale of Dancing Rani via Bluethumb. The story has resonated with over 25 000 people via social media.” – Daizy Maan, Co-founder of ASAC.


Dancing Rani is part of the South Asian women empowerment series that Priyanka collaboratively painted alongside UK based artist Avneet Singh, during her residency in Australian South Asian Centre. She was made to inspire South Asian women with an emphasis on becoming empowered and leading with self-love.


Through paints, inks and illustrations a deeper connection is established and a collective vision of the bright future for South Asian Women is manifested.

Artists Priyanka Kaur (left) and Avneet Singh (right) photographed with 'Dancing Rani'.
Dancing Rani

The buyer who was unknown to us prior to the purchase shared her story with Priyanka stating “My husband spotted it – I’m so glad he did. He’s Gujarati and I’m Punjabi – and I was pregnant at the time and our daughter would also be dancing to Bhangra inside my tummy. She, unfortunately, passed away before full term – however, the painting is such a representation of our family too.  We wanted our daughter to be a proud desi woman – proud of her heritage and confident in the woman she would become. Our daughter also brought a lot of colour into our lives and we felt the painting represented that perfectly.”


“When I found out about the story, it brought me to tears. To see art used to convey emotions and such a significant moment in someone’s life is truly beautiful. Every piece finds its rightful home and we were overjoyed to know the artwork is going to a new home where it will be loved, admired and celebrated.” – Priyanka Kaur, Artist 


‘Dancing Rani’ is a visual interpretation of the women who raised me; intelligent and beautiful with the power of exuding both feminine and masculine energies – classic characteristics amongst strong Indian & Sikh women- Avneet Singh, Artist


Female artists often find it hard to pave their path in the creative art scene and their magnificent work does not get the exposure nor the prestige it deserves. Despite our community’s artistic presence being at grassroots level, we stand enthusiastic and passionate about representing women empowerment through art. We hope one day art by Australian South Asian women will be in exhibitions and museums across the country reflecting the multicultural communities we live in.

To see the beautiful original artwork of the Australian South Asian Centre and to purchase prints by South Asian artists head here.

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