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Are you curious, creative, and committed to making a difference?  Join us for The Australian Indian Digital Creative Festival (March – June 2021), showcasing young leaders and creatives in India and Australia across multiple sectors such as leadership, advocacy, spoken word poetry, TV & Film, and writing.  

Our whys  

  • To elevate the voices of young leaders and change-makers across India and Australia who use their work as a medium for social change.  
  • To increase the awareness of the challenges experienced by new and emerging leaders, creatives, actors, writers, and poets during COVID.  
  • To inspire the next generation of leaders and artists who have been struggling tremendously during these unprecedented times.  
  • To celebrate new and emerging artists through our competition and provide them with an international platform to have their work recognized (keep your eyes posted for more details).  

Our first event

Using social media to create change

The first event in this series, ‘Using Social Media to Create Change’, will be an opportunity to hear from young Indian and Australian leaders, founders and changemakers who use Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and YouTube to challenge the system. These three young movers and shakers all share a strong bias toward action, smashing the patriarchy and disrupting the status quo.  

Whether you’re an aspiring social media activist, have years of experience being a trailblazer, or are curious about young leaders and their activism in Australia and India, this event is for you!

Time & Date 

30th March 2021 via zoom (link to be sent upon registration) 

 6:30pm AEDT/ 1pm IST 

Our Speakers

Moose Jattana : She is a socio-political activist and feminist working to empower and educate youth in India and has garnered over 138k followers on Instagram. You’ll often see her on Indian media outlets including SheThePeople TV, BBC Punjabi and NDTV where she discusses the role of gender equality and more recently farmers rights in India. 
Harsharin Kaur Co-founder, The Indian Feminist (298k followers on Instagram):  An international multi-media platform which isn’t afraid of challenging outdated norms around dowry, menstruation, “marriageability”, gender-based injustices, caste, and mental health
Leeza Mangaldas : She is one of India’s foremost sex-positive voices with an Instagram following of over 307k. Leeza provides much needed scientifically accurate and judgement free information around more hush hush topics such as sexuality, sexual health, relationships, gender and the body.  

Our global community partners

The Australian Indian Digital Creative Festival is organized by the Australian South Asian Centre, a powerful membership space for women to form meaningful connections and thrive. It is funded thanks to the generosity of the Australia India Youth Dialogue which brings outstanding young leaders in Australia and India together to create enduring relationships and to collaborate on initiatives that create sustainable outcomes for both countries.  

Community Partners: The Indian FeministYoung Sikh Professionals NetworkAsian Woman FestivalSPARK Deakin and Bold Punjab

Media Partners: South Asian TodayInternash and The Lipstick Politico

Don’t forget to get your exclusive tickets for our first event, Using Social Media for Change on the link below!