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Prepared by Australian South Asian Centre – 17 August 2021

While we determine the best way to get funds to Afghanistan in a timely and efficient manner below are immediate actions. The below actions are very important as there is a sentiment that Australians don’t care about Afghanistan, we need you to show them otherwise by doing the below.


Educate yourself

  • Read and learn the real history. Murdoch-owned Australian media and International media (including CNN & BBC) is actively downplaying the role of US & Saudi Arabia in creating the problems that exist today. This is very important to recognise. Hence we recommend learning from the independent activists below. In summary USA, USSR & China has funded what is the Taliban “enemy” today – USA event took Taliban leaders on a private tour (all sources available on activists below channels). So we are collectively responsible for the actions of our elected leaders today. We have a responsibility to do something and hold our leaders accountable to help women and children who had no say in the political situation.


Amplify Afghan voices


Call out leaders and those in power for their inaction

  • Ask the government to expedite the process of converting existing temporary visa holders to citizens (some have been on this visa for 10 years – we have spoken to them directly), this will enable them to sponsor their family members who are in danger in Kabul and other areas. Had the Australian government done this earlier, less women would be in danger right now.
  • Call your local MP – tell them who you are and why you are concerned about the situation in Afghanistan. Calling your MP is more powerful than sending them an email or letter as it shows that you care enough to take time out of your day to have a chat. If you’re unsure what to say we have some tips for you here.
  • Send a letter to your local member – Calling the Australian Govt and Parliamentarians to stand in solidarity with the Afghan people here. Personalise this as much as possible starting with your involvement in your local community, local politicians care about this the most. Example here.
  • Letter to MP – Aid to Afghanistan here (we recommend editing the contents to suggest “doing aid via grassroots smaller charities” given they operate more independently).
  • If you are Indian or Australian, you should request to the High Commission of India in Australia and to Manpreet Vohra (High Commissioner to Australia) that as an Indian Australian you would like to see India accept ALL women and children from Afghanistan, not just Sikh and Hindu – this undermines India’s secular democratic values that make it such a good “friend” of Australia’s.
  • Sign this open letter to Prime Minister Scott Morrison – make sure you write a personalised one too as shown in the example above – ministers often do not respond to petition campaigns but will respond if they know more about you – so write about who you are and why you care + specific actions you would like + a date you would like a response by. Your voice is powerful, you elected these leaders  and so they must respond to your requests. They serve you.
  • Minorities, women and children will suffer the most -speak out against the targeted attacks and ethnic cleansing of marginalized Afghan communities, including Hazara, Sikh, Hindu, and Shia Muslim people.
  • Most politicians hang out over on Twitter (not so much on Instagram or Facebook) so head over and tweet using the hashtag #Australians4Afghanistan & #ActionforAfghanistan  to show solidarity (you can tag in the following relevant leaders so they know you care them accountable – @ScottMorrisonMP @MarisePayne @PeterDutton_MP @karenandrewsmp).


Fundraising & Charity Donations 

  • The charity we recommend is Mahboba’s Promise. You can donate to their relief campaign  👉🏾 https://bit.ly/3kbaFXA they have received next to no money from the Australian government and have been doing the work for 25 years led by a brilliant Afghan Australian woman. However, banks in Afghanistan are closed and no one can guarantee funds will not be intercepted by the Taliban who is now the government so we recommend reading this. Our founder will update via her twitter as more information becomes available and has published her conversation with an expert here.


Helping people leave Afghanistan

  • If you have family in Afghanistan we have shared some tips on how they can protect their documentations/certificates/passports and ensure safekeeping here.


If you would like to get in touch with us please address your communication to Daizy Maan at helloasac@gmail.com

We will be advising the launch of a fundraising campaign this week.

Special thanks to the Australian South Asian Centre volunteer committee and the below women for providing some of this information:

@Bushra Abadi