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They’re not the leaders of tomorrow, today’s leaders (850 x 1080 px)

22 Mar: Learning to create meaningful events with Priya Parker’s The Art of Gathering | ASAC Book Club Reviews

This book made us reflect on all the gatherings we had attended over the last year, wondering if we have been a good host and whether the gatherings were meaningful. The book forced us to self-reflect, to think more deeply about the ways we’ve connected in the past and what we’d like to change moving forward.

If you’re not sure whether this book is for you, trust us when we say it is! This is the kind of book that you’ll read over a few weeks or months, taking in its golden nuggets of information, reflecting on them, applying them to your day-to-day life and finding yourself more satisfied with the way you connect with others. Check out our full review.


01 Feb: Tale of Hope, Courage and Bangladesh’s Liberation War | Book Club Reviews Tahmima Anam’s A Golden Age

Last month we read Tahmima Anam’s ‘A Golden Age’ as part of our South Asian Women’s book club. A tale of hope, courage and Bangladesh’s Liberation War, this novel was a great way for us to learn about Bangladesh’s history which many of our members were not as familiar with. The novel inspired some interesting conversions on war, history and relationships with our members sharing stories of war they had heard from family.