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Chronicling domestic violence in Australia Book Club Reviews Manjula Datta O’Connor’s ‘Daughters of Durga’ (2)

28 Sep: Chronicling domestic violence in Australia | Book Club Reviews Manjula Datta O’Connor’s ‘Daughters of Durga’

It was in the early 2010’s that a series of domestic violence cases amongst South Asian Communities in Victoria gained traction in the media. Against the backdrop of a rising incidence and awareness of family violence, state and national communities grappled with this emerging profile of what was happening behind the closed doors of South Asian homes. This is where Manjula Datta O’Connor begins her novel, Daughters of Durga, but it isn’t where the story ends.

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06 Sep: Turning personal diaries into page turning books I Book Club Reviews Nandita Chakraborty’s ‘Dirty Little Secrets: A Memoir’

In July we read Nandita Chakraborty’s ‘Dirty Little Secrets: A Memoir’ as part of our South Asian Women’s Book Club.

Through her book, Nandita builds a complex world of characters navigating their lives as authentically flawed, humanly inconsistent people. Her book is a generous insight into her writing process all the while giving the reader something to think about at every chapter. To learn about our discussions on the book and with Nandita, check out the full blog.

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10 Aug: Creating a Career in Social Impact: Meet Yatha Jain

Yatha यथा is an award-winning multicultural advocate and speaker who is also pursuing a career in the medical device industry. She is currently a Youth Ambassador for the Multicultural Youth Affairs Network NSW and Vice-Chair of the non for profit, Prosper (Project Australia).

Yatha has spoken at events including the International Youth Media Conference, the National Youth Futures Summit and has commented for media publications including the Sydney Morning Herald. She also worked with the UN Office of Counter-Terrorism in a Global Program to prevent violent extremism among young people. Her passion for helping others and advocating for the vulnerable and marginalised groups is an inspiration. Read the full blog for Yatha’s insight into advocacy and leadership.

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03 Aug: Celebrating community and kindness with Ana Tiwary

ASAC is thrilled to celebrate Ana as one of the 2022 Australia’s Stellar South Asian Women awardees. Ana runs the production company indiVisual films that specialises in multicultural stories. Ana created the Diversity in Australian Media community 13 years ago and is an advocate for equity, social justice and safe spaces. Learning of Ana’s advocacy and support for equity, representation and social justice in media has been heartwarming. We know the legacy she’s created will continue to have a lasting impact on future generations of Australian creatives; and goes to the heart of what this award and ASAC are all about.

Read the full blog to learn about Ana’s tireless efforts behind the scenes to bring about positive change to Australia’s media landscape.

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28 Jul: Meet Sheetal Deo: Lawyer, Founder and Advocate

Meet our second Stellar South Asian Woman 2022, Sheetal Deo. “Sheetal is the Principal Solicitor and Founder of Shakti Legal Solutions; an innovative low-bono law firm designed specifically to improve access to legal assistance for everyday people and offers a unique, ‘pay what you can’ model for eligible clients.

Outside of the firm, Sheetal works with the College of Law as an adjunct lecturer, runs a diversity and inclusion collective, and volunteers her time on various not-for-profit organisations and boards including Out for Australia, the LGBTI Legal Service, and the Queensland Law Society Council. We sat down with Sheetal to learn about her journey and passion for making justice accessible. Head to the blog to hear what she had to say.