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Meet Jess Singh: A Film Producer Bringing Fresh Perspectives to the Industry

In today’s member highlight, we’re delighted to introduce Jess Singh, a film producer and creative. Jess has been making a significant impact in the world of film, working on numerous narrative short films and cultivating her growing interest in documentary filmmaking.

One of Jess’s notable achievements is her involvement in the award-winning web series ‘It’s Fine, I’m Fine,’ which was funded by Screen Australia and became a hit on the festival circuit, making its way to Canneseries and now being available to watch on SBS on demand. She has been collaborating with emerging teams and directors on various projects while also developing her own scripts.

As Jess continues to expand her reach in the industry, she has taken on roles in recent shows such as ‘Colin from Accounts,’ ‘The Australian Wars,’ and ‘The Messenger.’ Demonstrating her dedication to the film community, Jess co-founded and produced the ‘Pivot’ Short Film Festival during the Covid lockdown of 2020, providing a much-needed platform for filmmakers during a challenging time. In 2021, she further showcased her commitment to her craft by graduating from AWARD school.

In addition to her work in film, Jess enjoys art and illustration in her spare time and is currently exploring ways to turn her passion into a side venture.

As a filmmaker, Jess is driven to bring the unique experiences of third culture kids into the mainstream. With an increasing number of filmmakers focusing on telling these stories – such as ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once,’ ‘Blinded by the Light,’ and ‘Never Have I Ever’ – Jess believes it’s an exciting time to share these unique and untold perspectives.


Jess Singh film producer

Jess emphasizes that many of the anecdotes and stories unique to South Asian families are relatable to a wider audience, and she’s eager to see what the next wave of South Asian filmmakers will create.

We are proud to have Jess Singh as part of our community and look forward to witnessing the continued impact of her passion and dedication to storytelling. Keep an eye on Jess and her upcoming projects – she’s definitely a talent to watch!

Connect with Jess over on Linkedin: or instagram

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