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Embracing Purpose: Meet Renuka, the Purpose & Success Mentor Empowering Women to Achieve Their Highest Potential

Meet Renuka, a dedicated Purpose & Success Mentor and the newest member of the Australian South Asian Centre (ASAC). With a deep passion for empowering progressive women, Renuka is on a mission to help individuals overcome past conditioning, trauma, and limiting beliefs, guiding them towards a life aligned with their passion, purpose, and values.

Renuka’s journey towards becoming a Purpose & Success Mentor is rooted in her diverse background and unique blend of expertise. Armed with a master’s degree in Psychology from India, she has delved into the depths of human behaviour and the intricacies of the mind. However, Renuka’s approach goes beyond theory alone. She believes in the power of holistic healing, combining her knowledge of psychology with practices such as Human Design, Yoga, meditation, hypnotherapy, and Reiki. By bridging the gap between science and spirituality, Renuka offers her clients a comprehensive and transformative experience.

During her ten-year tenure as a Marketer in the corporate world, Renuka has witnessed firsthand the challenges women face in reclaiming their power and authentic selves. . Drawing from her extensive corporate experience, she provides invaluable insights to her clients, guiding them through the intricacies of navigating professional environments while maintaining a strong sense of self. Renuka’s ability to connect with individuals on both a personal and professional level is a testament to her empathetic nature and keen understanding of the human psyche.

Renuka’s own personal journey of successfully transitioning to a new country without any local support has further fueled her dedication to empowering women. Her own experiences of overcoming obstacles and embracing change have shaped her desire to create a platform where women can find happiness and success by embracing their true potential. This inspired Renuka to establish The Libco, an initiative driven by the core purpose of helping women unlock their highest selves and create lives aligned with their aspirations.

Through The Libco, Renuka offers transformative mentoring, coaching, and guidance to women who seek to challenge the status quo and forge their own paths. By helping her clients overcome past conditioning, trauma, and limiting beliefs, Renuka enables them to break free from societal expectations and embrace their true passions. Her unique approach blends scientific principles with spiritual practices, providing individuals with the tools to navigate both personal and professional spheres.

As Renuka joins the ASAC community, she brings with her a wealth of expertise and a burning desire to empower South Asian women and their allies. The ASAC is a vibrant community dedicated to creating positive change through entrepreneurship, creativity, and leadership. With Renuka’s addition, the ASAC gains a compassionate mentor and guide who aligns perfectly with its mission.

ASAC is thrilled to welcome Renuka to our community. Her passion for empowering women and her unique expertise in psychology, holistic healing, and corporate experience will undoubtedly inspire and support our members. Renuka’s dedication to helping others unlock their true potential is a testament to her character and values. We are excited to collaborate with her and continue making a profound impact on the lives of South Asian women and their allies.

Renuka’s journey of empowerment and her commitment to helping women achieve purpose and success have just begun. By embracing her multifaceted expertise and compassionate guidance, she is destined to touch the lives of many and inspire them to embrace their own unique paths. With Renuka’s presence, the ASAC community gains an exceptional individual who exemplifies the spirit of entrepreneurship, creativity, and leadership.

To learn more about Renuka and her work, connect with her on LinkedIn or visit her website.

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Right from the start, the beautiful venue of Drum Theatre, in south-eastern Dandenong, which is home to a sizeable South Asian community, was thrumming with life and packed to the brim. From the vibrant marigold flower archway to the ceilings decorated with flowing dupattas and chunnis, the hall was glowing with colour and vibrance.

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